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Senior Manager/AVP - Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Work Type: Permanent

Sheba Platform Limited

Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Job Title

Senior Manager/AVP - Legal & Regulatory Affairs





Office time

9:00AM to 6:00PM


Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Job Type


Company Description

Sheba Platform Limited plays the role of a catalyst for micro-entrepreneurs and ignites the spark in them to dream bigger. By bringing access to information and financial literacy in the palm of their hands, we are bridging the digital divide and creating access to affordable and timely financial services.

Principal Accountabilities

- Serving as a liaison between regulatory bodies and different Business Units of the company;

- Preparing and submitting applications and reports to applicable regulatory agencies;

- Visiting concerned Govt. Regulatory Bodies as and when necessary and/or on a regular basis;

- Responding to regular requests for information from regulatory bodies;

- Providing legal advice on legal rights and obligations of the company;

- Drafting and reviewing/vetting different partnership contracts;

- Providing an opinion on legal compliance issues while onboarding any new product in the market;

- Reviewing and immensely developing legal strategies/policies to ensure the company’s production activities comply with government regulations;

- Reviewing and updating regulatory documents;

- Regularly vetting and upgrading Terms and Conditions of the services provided by the BUs;

- Dealing with fraud issues involving filing General Diary in the Local Thanas, Sending Legal - Notices, Dealing with Law Enforce Authority, Supervising and Conducting Cases in the Court on a required basis.

- Providing advice about regulations to the company

Jobholder Entry Requirements

Knowledge (Education and related experience), Skills & Aptitude


- LLM or LLB degree is preferred.

- 6-8 years of experience in relevant field


- Extensive knowledge of applicable government regulations.

- Ability to inform and educate stakeholders on regulations and policies that require compliance.

Personal Aptitude

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

- Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

- Excellent strategic planning skills.


Perks & Benefits That You Will Get:

  • Lunch Subsidy: Lunch is provided through our home catering services and is 50% subsidized. Our home catering services offer a variety of food items as well as healthy and Economy meal options.
  • Personal Laptop Allowance: We use our own laptops for work purposes and for that our Organization offers us a monthly laptop allowance based on the type of laptop being used.
  • Grocery Credit: At Sheba, we care about our employees’ well being and therefore offer credit through Online Store so that they can purchase their necessary grocery items through it.
  • Laundry Service: We understand how busy our employees are with their work therefore to make things easier for them we offer our in-house ironing service for only BDT 2.
  • Promo: We believe in making our employees feel appreciated and connected to our organization, which is why we offer promos. With these promos employees can avail of any service from at a discounted rate.
  • Travel Expense: Employees would be able to claim travel expenses and food expenses when they have to spend for any business purpose.
  • Mobile Allowance: Employees are provided with a company owned postpaid SIM card through which they can avail the services offered by the SIM card company.

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